SpamSit is the anti-spam sit-in tool. Individually, you may choose to protest with a sit-in at the websites that are advertised in the spam you have received. You may also choose to protest scam spam by responding with randomly generated email. Unlike a spam filter, SpamSit is unique in providing you the information and tools you need to protest spam. Your individual protest will do no harm, but the protest of thousands may disrupt the spammer economy and end spam.

Like the Greensboro sit-ins, your protest occupies a seat (connection) at the website hosts, that you have selected, for a random amount of time. Since there are limited seats (connections) available, if enough protesters receive spam for a website and choose to protest that website, paying customers have trouble getting through. The occupy spam protest focuses on the web hosts most spammers depend on for their income. If protest interrupts the spammer economy, spam stops.



Version 2.2.3 for Windows

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